Ozone Application Monitoring:
          Automated Monitor
          Data Logging
Ozone applications for:
          Cold Storage Rooms
          Produce Wash Water

triFresh Technologies, Inc.

Providing superior disinfection technology with a focus on food safety, environmental safety, worker safety, and your economics.
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We have over 300 different formulations of cleaning products plus EPA Registered Sanitizers to handle any situation.

With experience dating back to 1992 our company can employ years of disinfection technoloy and knowledge to your water treatment program.

Our ozone generators are PLC controlled to assure proper operation and concentration control.  Enhanced food safety and shelf life are just two of the many benefits associated with our ozone programs.  Ozone applications backed by science to assure food safety.

triFresh Technologies Inc.
1880 Grogan Avenue

Merced, CA 95341
T:      209.358.3311
F:      888.482.5044

        Acid Foam Cleaners
        Chlorinated Foam Cleaners    
        General Purpose Cleaners
        CIP Cleaners
        Alkaline & Acid Cleaners
        Anionic Acids
        Chlorines (Calcium and Sodium)
        Peroxyacetic Acids
        Quatinary Ammonium

Water Treatment Products:
        AquaQuest Scale Inhibitor
        Ammonium Sulfate
        pH Control Solutions  
        Liquid Copper Sulfate
        Chlorine Dioxide
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